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Founded in 2014 in Mogadishu, Somalia, Som Plastic Industry has become a beacon of innovation in plastic manufacturing. Our advanced facilities utilize top-tier technologies in injection and blow moulding to craft high-quality products. We prioritize rigorous quality controls and hold international certifications, underscoring our commitment to excellence. Dedicated to sustainability, we incorporate eco-friendly practices and community engagement, significantly impacting local development. Our expert team drives our mission forward, ensuring we meet global market demands. Contact us to discover how we can serve your needs.

Innovating Home and Plumbing Solutions with Eco-Friendly Plastics

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We deeply value our customers and consider them integral to our industry. We honor them with awards, gifts, and acknowledgments as a token of our appreciation.

Our Mission

 Quality: Our plastic products are the highest quality, most design products…because we will accept nothing less.
• Innovative: Our products have always been in the forefront of the quality and design wave. Innovative products, state of the art manufacturing, quality assurance and industry expertise are the bases for our past and future successes.
• Integrity: Our customers depend on the quality of our juice products. Our commitment to the highest standard is the foundation of our customer’s trust in Somplastic.Industry
• Delivering fashion made quality to consumers depends on extensive cooperation and mutual reliance between supplier and retailer. We stand behind our product, our service and our word.

Our Vision

• To be the most popular supplier house-ware plastic products in the east Africa standard region market for superior quality and affordable price.
• High standard quality facilities with lower operational cost with customer satisfaction.
• Rapid growth of sustainable development products, technology and economical factors.