Som Plastic Industry

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    1.  Recycling Old Plastic

The most common and one of the major sustainably method is reusing of the waste and old plastic parts. Understand the lifecycle of the plastic manufacturing process help in creating productive recycling strategies.
The recycled plastic can be mixed with other plastic-types. It can be shaped into multiple products. Mostly recycles plastic is used in packaging, making bottles & containers, recycling bins, playground equipment, and plastic lumber, etc. It is really helpful in fulfilling customer market demand.
There are unlimited advantages of using the recycling process like prevent pollution, saves energy& money, support the economy, creates new job opportunities in the recycling sector. It also retains the industry capital and generates more revenues.
Steps included in recycling plastics: Collection of excessive waste
 Sorting out the waste material.

  • Cleaning of shorting material
  • Transport to grinder
  • Melting the plastic
  • Excursion of plastic
  • Finishing & Packing of objects